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Marion Tyus
(Eller) 2005 26"x5.5", *, E, Re, Ev, Ev, Fr, Double. Purple, darker eye. HM10.
Our Price: $8.00 Qnty

(Trimmer) 2008 31"x6.75", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, Fr, Pink ivory. A dandy pink. Good grower.
Our Price: $16.00 Qnty

Ninja Throwing Star
(Hansen) 2007 36"x7.5", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, UFO Near white pale and lilac, white edge
Our Price: $7.00 Qnty

None Like You
(Bell) 2005 30"x5.5", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, Vfr, Golden tan with black purple eye and edge.
Our Price: $14.00 Qnty

Over The Mountain
(Stamile) 2007 35"x6", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, Fr, Orchid, plum eye and edge. A winner.
Our Price: $14.00 Qnty

Painted Bunting
(Lambertson) 2006 40"x7", M, Re, Ev, Ev, Unusual form. Lavender blue, blue purple eye.
Our Price: $8.00 Qnty

Pencil Thin Mustache
(Hansen) 2007 33"x8", *, E, Re, Sev, Sev, cream pink, lilac band. UFO look.
Our Price: $14.00 Qnty

Popeye The Sailor
(Hansen) 2008 27"x5.5", *, EE, Re, Ev, Ev, Purple cream, purple eye and edge. Super!
Our Price: $20.00 Qnty

Purple Pajamas
(Hansen) 2008 26"x7.25", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, Purple, white edge.
Our Price: $12.00 Qnty

Rollercoaster Rush
(Pierce) 2012 44"x6.5", *, EM, Re, Ev, Ev, Raspberry eye, double edge gold, cherry.
Our Price: $20.00 Qnty

(Lambertson) 2004 26"x8.5", *, EM, Re, Sev, Sev, UFO pale lavender, green throat.
Our Price: $8.00 Qnty

Some Sweet Day
(Stamile) 2006 35"x6.25", *, M, Re, Ev, Ev, Lavender rose, green gold edge.
Our Price: $12.00 Qnty

Sophisticated Ruffles
(Harry) 2008 28"x6", *, M, Re, Sev, Sev, Fr, Light ivory pink, gold ruffled edge.
Our Price: $15.00 Qnty

South Georgia Peaches
(Bell) 2005 35"x5.25", *, EM, Re, Ev, Ev, Fr, Peach. HM10. Strong rebloomer here.
Our Price: $10.00 Qnty

Spacecoast Eye For Passion
(Kinnebrew) 2008 30"x6", *, EE, Re, Sev, Sev, Light pink with rose eye and edge. Good increaser.
Our Price: $14.00 Qnty

Spacecoast Southern Belle
(Kinnebrew) 2006 26"x6.25", *, M, Re, Sev, Sev, Round pink with chartreuse edge.
Our Price: $15.00 Qnty

(Stamile) 2004 42"x9", *, EE, Re, Sev, Sev, Spider melon with green throat.
Our Price: $10.00 Qnty

Steve Martin
(Salter) 2008 28"x7", *, EM, Re, Ev, Ev, Orange cream pink, gold wash.
Our Price: $15.00 Qnty

Sulphurite Prism
(Stamile) 2008 25"x6", *, EM, Re, Dor, Dor, Cream with plum violet eye and edge. Intense!
Our Price: $12.00 Qnty

Sunset Strip
(Pierce) 2012 36"x7.25", *, E, Re, Ev, Ev, Cranberry red with wide gold edge.
Our Price: $20.00 Qnty

Susan Elinor
(Harry) 2008 25"x6", *, EM, Re, Sev, Sev, Deep rose pink with gold edge.
Our Price: $16.00 Qnty

Sweet Almond Mint
(Pierce) 2012 46"x6.5", *, E, Re, Ev, Ev, Almond, cherry eye, gold/raspberry edge.
Our Price: $20.00 Qnty

Tortured Heart
(Hansen) 2008 36"x4.5", *, EV, Re, Ev, Ev, Red. Big plant
Our Price: $10.00 Qnty

Touching Me
(Hansen) 2012 30"x5", *, EE, Re, Ev, Ev, Rose border, pink petaloids, emerald throat.
Our Price: $30.00 Qnty
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