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(Hybridizer), Year registered, Scape height x Bloom size, Bloom season, Rebloom,  Foliage, Extended, Nocturnal,   Description.

Tet means it is tetraploid. All others are diploid.
E,M,La,Re Blooms early, midseason or late season and reblooms.
Ext, Fr, Noc-extended bloom(16+ hours), fragrant, and nocturnal opens afternoon and open at night.
Double-more than six segments. Spider-narrow segments. Variant or exotic-spidery or unusual look.
Dor,Sev,Ev-foliage in winter is dormant(dies back to ground), semi-evergreen or evergreen.

HM Honorable Mention.
AM Award Of Merit. Only 10 given annually.
SSM Stout Silver Metal. The best that year.
DFM Best miniature daylily(under 3")
AGA Best small daylily(3"-4.5")
LAA Does well in a variety of climates.
IMA Best double form daylily.
LPA Most fragrant dormant daylily.
DSA Best eyed or banded daylily.
HAS Best spider or variant/exotic daylily.
EFA Best late season blooming daylily.

If in doubt buy an award winner. 10,000+ members of the American Hemerocallis Society(AHS) vote on the awards. Their collective wisdom is an excellent guide. Be aware it takes several years before a daylily can be eligible for an award so donít expect to see any recently released daylilies with an award.

Ordering Instructions

  • Browse our On-line catalog for prices and descriptions.  The search feature may be used to find specific names, hybridizers, characteristics, etc. 
  • Add daylilies to your shopping cart to order on-line.
  • Click on the Daylily Name.
  • Decide if your order will be Retail or Wholesale.
  • Select the Retail or Wholesale price.
    - Retail Orders have a $25 minimum.
    - Wholesale Orders have a $100 minimum and no bonus plant.
    - Please do not mix retail and wholesale prices on the same order.
  • Add items to your shopping cart.
  • Click Check Out to enter billing information.
  • Click "Continue" to proceed to Payment information.
  • Click "Make Purchase" to complete the order.
  • If paying by check, print order, and mail with payment.
  • We now accept payment via PayPal.  Visa / Mastercard payments are also accepted via PayPal, and membership is not required.
  • Confirmation of order will be emailed to your address.


    Policy: Minimum order is $25. Include full payment with order. All plants are guaranteed freshly dug, state inspected, and true to name. Plants will be double division or better. If plants are not satisfactory upon arrival return them with the original labels for a full refund on the plants returned. This list voids all prior lists.

    Shipping: Shipping season is early March-October weather permitting. We ship US Priority Mail unless otherwise specified. Shipping cost is $12.00 plus $1 per plant. We do not ship to Arizona, California, or international.

    Bonus Plants: Bonus will be from substitution list included with order. Bonus is our choice. Bonus will be 50% of order if substitution allowed, otherwise a 25% bonus.

    Substitutions: If we are out of a particular cultivar, we will substitute with a plant of equal or greater value provided you have given us permission to substitute and have provided us with a long list of acceptable substitutions.

    Retail Versus Wholesale Pricing: Any customer may order retail or wholesale.  It is wise to check on availability of a daylily if you want to order a large number. If you allow substitution on a wholesale order and it is needed, the substitute plant would be better (more expensive and/or more fans). Retail customers that allow substitution receive about the same value as wholesale since we give at least a 50% bonus. Please call (352) 544 0330 if you have questions.

      Retail Wholesale
    Minimum Order $25 $100
    Bonus Plants 50% none
    Discount none 40% off Retail
    (if required)
    same value greater value
    Double division yes yes

Daylily Club Specials

Extra low prices are offered to daylily clubs on select cultivars for annual plant sales at the annual show. Plants are labeled and ready to go out of the box. Please inquire about availability and prices on daylily club letterhead stationary.


    We are a licensed, state-inspected garden.

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